Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to mount Exchange 2000/2003 database when E00.log is missing

You may get the below Error message when trying to mount the mail store: "An internal processing error has occurred. Try restarting the Exchange System Manager or the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service, or both. ID no: c1041724". Also you may note the Event IDs 9518 & 455 in your Application logs.


  1. Stop all Exchange related services on your server.
  2. Backup your log files that are usually located on x:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA\Exxxxxxx.Log to a temporary folder.
  3. Delete all *.log files in the x:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA except for e00.chk, res1.log and res2.log
  4. Start all exchange related services.
  5. Mount the mail store.
If the above does not work, it could be due to a corrupted database. You could probably find a solution for it through the below link


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