Friday, July 17, 2009

Accessing NTFS Partitions from RHEL 4

By default RHEL 4 kernel supports READ and WRITE access for FAT partitions, while it does not does not support NTFS read or write access. So we have to upgrade the kernel by down loading and installing necessary kernel modules to the Linux System. It could be downloaded through

For this you should first find the current Kernel version of your Linux Installation.
#uname -r [ENTER]

To see the Processor version
#uname -p [ENTER]

Now install the Downloaded package
#rpm -ihv kernel-ntfs-2.4.18-14.i686.rpm [ENTER]

Now you have to load the installed modules to the running kernel.
#modprobe ntfs [ENTER]

To create a mount point
# mkdir /media/Windows

Automatically mounting the Microsoft partitions when the System starts up.

To this you should edit a system file called 'fstab'. Find it and open it with 'vi'. In it we should and a new entry


Save and EXIT.

Now mount the Partitions.
#mount /media/Windows

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